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Dan Sutton

Tantalus Labs
I am passionate about building value out of values. My journey through education, startup development, and founding my team at Tantalus Labs has been rooted in the belief that social commerce is the greatest tool for progress in modern culture. 

Entrepreneurs today are empowered with a novel democracy to create. It has never been easier to build a company, and that democratization empowers us to build what we want to see in the world. Every founder that decides to cut her own path empowers a community of family, friends, and collaborators to contribute their vision for progress.

The goals of this social commerce philosophy combine with the hunger to build successful enterprise, environmental sustainability, and social value. This 'triple bottom line' mentality defines a new generation of founders that I am proud to count myself among. The world of commerce has been built by collections of passionate individuals coming together to create value through change, and we all have the prerogative to contribute.

Defy the mentality that empowered individuals and teams are powerless to steer the path of social progress. Surely they are the only ones who ever have.