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Neil Patel

Founder and CEO
Neil Patel is the  CEO and founder of Kabuni. Neil is a a lifelong entrepreneur. He was born in Leicester in the United Kingdom and took to running his parent's corner grocery store while still in school. Later, after finding success in real estate, he created his own real estate business - Madisons Estate Agents.

He then went on to build a web-based real estate transaction platform in the UK: 'OneMove', a complete SaaS technology platform,. It was designed to be a highly secure system for piloting property transactions while keeping all parties updated via Blackberry. It was revolutionary, timely and by 2006 it had been bought by a Canadian company and was valued at $30 Million on Toronto's TSX.

In 2008, the global financial crisis forced him to regroup and he moved to Winnipeg, MB, Canada. A fresh start allowed him to focus and drive into creating yet another venture, Webidiotz, Central Canada's leading internet marketing company for small businesses. 

And then in 2013, after committing 2 years and thousands of hours of research, Neil launched Kabuni (formally know as Whole New Home). Kabuni Ltd (ASX: KBU) is an Australian-based company publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. He successfully completed a public listing on the ASX and raised AUD $12M. Currently Kabuni is a privately held company shaping the future of ideas on demand. 

Today Neil is focused on bringing all those years of learning to making Kabuni the next category king in 3D printing.